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The typical gastronomy of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell maintains the most traditional flavours, the essence of its past. Simple delights that refer to its location between the sea and the interior; fishing and agriculture, salted and sweet reminiscences of Arab. Local recipes has been passed from generation to generation as well as its mode of cooking in wood-fired ovens, kneaded and cooked with the traditional utensils. Fish, vegetables, mediterranean products collected in the particular garden and served with the utmost dedication.

The table also does not lack products that define the town's identity as artisan wine and white wine Moraig, beans in spring and muscat grapes in summer. Humble but great delicacies of forced enjoyment!



The project of the organic moscatell grape. From the tradition of a unique fruit to the organic and distinguishing cultivation in the fields of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

In the last years a group of local farmers, with support of Town Hall, has brought forward the project BioMoscatell. The project aims to raise awareness of Muscat, a fruit identification and characteristic of the municipality, to maintain cultural and agricultural heritage, promote recovery of cultivation and landscape, dignifying the work of winemakers and to get a high quality product from rainfed and ecological land, endorsed by CAE.

BioMoscatell take advantage of rainwater and grow thanks to respect the ecology to a healthy Muscat, free of chemical residues and using traditional production techniques necessary for the traditional crop.

The distribution phase of this grape is designed on a basis of a comprehensive vision of fair and social trade, to reduce CO2 emissions during the entire production process up to its marketing in closeness and nearby area.




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Typical dishes
Buñuelos (Bunyols)
Broad beans
Moscatel Grape
Wine Moraig and BioMoscatell Juice